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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Sat Mar 16 15:44:41 UTC 2002

>From jeroen at Sat Mar 16 15:41:29 2002

>> >GNU/Linux isn't POSIX compliant. Do you prefer a proprietary unix
>> >which is POSIX compatible instead of GNU/Linux?
>> Yes, of course! It saves me a lot of time doing development on Solaris
>> instead of Linux.

>Nice. Do you also fix the bugs in solaris if you find them?

There are much much less bug then in Linux. If I find a bug, I report it.

>> You are kidding! If there is no standard compliance, there is no freedom!
>> I don't like to be forced to port software just because some people
>> don't do their job well enough. If this is what you understand by freedom
>> you don't understand what freedom means. Freedom is not just freedom in
>> a nutshell.

>Nobody force you. You've the freedom to do what you want, you don't
>*have to port*. If those people don't do the job well and those people
>want to run your software, they could a) fix there own things b)
>port your software so you only have to apply the patch.

People like you try to force me. You want to force me to use bad free
software although there is much better non-open software free of charge.

>I'm not saying that standard compliance is bad, given that the
>standard isn't fucked up. When I'm developping I'm taking care I'm
>POSIX compliant.

>But yes, there are a lot of people who don't do their job well enough
>and don't look if they are compliant. Just like you for example,
>having a quick look at the cdrecord code it uses PATH_MAX. This isn't
>POSIX compatible, PATH_MAX is marked optional. Systems don't need to

If you don't understand portability or if you only browse the source
for a second, you should not comment on it!.

Did you already switch to star because GNUtar is nonstandard?
You are jumping with your mind frequently in order to express your wishes.
If you have a standpoint, you should be consequent.


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