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Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at
Sat Mar 16 12:29:55 UTC 2002

> Your logo is pretty similar to the one from Infogrames (well, both
> show an armadillo):

I'm sorry, but IMHO the logos have some significant differences. The
Infograme is looking to the other direction, the proportions are far from
similar etc.

It's OK to change the logo to avoid legal issues, but I don't think the
infograme people have all the rights on their side. First one should aks
them to provide a copy of their trademark registration papers to see how far
they can go.

An armadillo is an armadillo. One way out would be to find a nice graphic of
an armadillo in a book that's more then 90 years old. These graphics are not
copyrighted anymore :-) Use this as a logo and make sure to correctly name
the source of the picture.

There's always more then one way out :-)

Jan Wildeboer

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