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> I've been using a logo on TINY Linux web site. Of course I'm not making money with it, and it is even published outside of France (but they say "around the world")
> Should I pay attention to this letter ?
> If so, what should I do, to your opinion ?

IMHO, regardless of your software being used for profit or not,
I think this is abusive legal action.

Pay attention to it, get some lawyer advice.

IANAL but here's what I say:

I may be mistaken, but the European Patent Office, while accepting
ridiculous patents, has not yet any legal power to enforce this kind of patents.

Gather all official contacts info (like that email and paper letters that
are sent. At the very minimum least, it will be yet another item of evidence
that these patents are being used to stagnate development.

Hugs, rui

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