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>I've been using a logo on TINY Linux web site. Of course I'm not making money with it, and it is even published outside of France (but they say "around the world")
>Should I pay attention to this letter ?
>If so, what should I do, to your opinion ?

I think that you can from now publish a poll on the main webpage of tiny website : "do you think that this tatoo can be assimilated to the Infogrames tatoo? because Infogrames want us to move the tattoo away" ( and link to their webpage) And see the result (100% no!).

And find any valuable sign that tiny website exists since more time that infogrames website !

Then, what is a tattoo? There are any definition available ? There are any other examples ?

The fact of making money from it is not important.

Please answer before 8 days, anyway.


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