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raphael calvelli raphaello-mouse at altern.org
Wed Mar 13 23:18:51 UTC 2002

I received this, as follow-up of the articles I wrote and send on behalf of FSFE last September 2001. If anybody is ready to take the burden...

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From: Loíze Aurélio de Aguiar
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Subject: Forum Mundial de Educação
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:07:55 -0300

World Education Forum


Dear Delegate,


The Communication Department is organizing the memories of the First Edition of the World Education Forum (WEF). We have been gathering all sorts of publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and homepages, which had divulged the event. We would like to count on you co-operation. In case you have any material on the World Education Forum, we kindly ask you to send it to the following address: Rua dos Andradas, 680 15o. andar Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil - 90020-004


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