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Eneko Lacunza eneko.lacunza at
Mon Mar 11 11:04:37 UTC 2002


	Just my 2 cents about this issue.

	I think that Linux has no special responsibility in The Hurd having few
help on its developing; If it wasn't Linux, it would have been FreeBSD,
or NetBSD, or MyUnixClone.

	The fact is that people wanted:
	. Reliable systems
	. Free systems

	And Linux and the others gave it to them, "quickly" (faster than The
Hurd could, probably).

	But I don't think this is a Bad Thing for The Hurd; It is having much
more time for a much better development, and if, finally, it's design
proves superior, I have no doubt that it will clear the world of Linuxes
and alikes.

	But "meantime", I think we have some excelent, free unix derivatives.

Eneko Lacunza

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