What do to about BitKeeper and the Linux Kernel

Joerg Schilling schilling at fokus.gmd.de
Sun Mar 10 16:24:31 UTC 2002

>From: Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen at dekkers.cx>

>Also RMS contradicts itself by saying "Instead we would choose another
>project, something to do a job that no existing free software can do."
>The Hurd can clearly do a lot of things which no piece of existing
>(free or non-free) software can do.

If there was a price for the OS of least interest, then HURD would win.

GNU Hurd is the only OS I am aware of so far nobody has asked for a 
cdrecord port.

If you compare binary downloads and support requests for cdrecord,
the most popupar POSIX like OS is Linux followed by Solaris and FreeBSD.


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