BitKeeper licence critic

MJ Ray markj+0111 at
Fri Mar 8 13:17:58 UTC 2002

John Tapsell <tapselj0 at> wrote:
>   Out of curiosity - what would the best solution be in your opinions for BK?
>   If we take the assumptions: (and feel free to challenge them constructively)
>   1) that if BK isn't used, then development is slower for the kernel.

This assumption is very uncertain.  It appears that BK was really evaluated
against CVS, which even I have to admit is going to have BK appear as the
winner on features.

>   2) If BK made is Free then they would get vastly reduced amount of business 
> (or rather money from their product) so wouldn't be able to work on it half 
> as much.

It is a shame that artificial scarcity is a legal business model.  Surely it
can't be the best one?

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