YADOF: please stop (was Re: BitKeeper licence critic)

Giovanni Biscuolo (Associazione Culturale MiLUG) giovanni.biscuolo at milug.org
Fri Mar 8 10:15:17 UTC 2002

Il gio, 2002-03-07 alle 23:53, Joerg Schilling ha scritto:
> >From jeroen at dekkers.cx Thu Mar  7 22:34:35 2002
> >> If FSF would have given him the money for living, I am sure that BK
> >> would be under GPL now.
> >I don't see why you have to take away freedom from other people. Lots
> >of other ways to make money exist without limiting other people's
> >freedom. You can also make money with free software, a lot of
> >companies already proved that.
> It looks lie you are mixing free speech with free beer.
> You are talking about free speech but you really like to get free beer.
> Now BK does not reduce your freedom it rather does increase your feeedom
> because it gives you a better version control software.

Yet Another Definition Of Freedom (in software).

Ok, you personal point of view abou freedom it's very clear end you
already expressed it so much times in the thread mentioned in the
subject that I suppose none have some doubt.

Fortunately (I say) for us, the definitions of the 4 freedoms in free
software was well and clearly stated years ago. That are the official
and universally known definition of freedom in free software.

If you like to go on with this kind of dissertation, please feel free to
start a new initianive called YADOFS - Yet Another Definition Of Free
Software: good luck. But please stop doing it *here*.
> You simply like to get more than dou did get. And yu like this by reducing
> other peoples rights.

ROTFL... ROTFL ... ROTFL: good little joke! 

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