BitKeeper licence critic

MJ Ray markj at
Thu Mar 7 23:38:41 UTC 2002

Joerg Schilling <schilling at> wrote:
> It looks lie you are mixing free speech with free beer.
> You are talking about free speech but you really like to get free beer.
> Now BK does not reduce your freedom it rather does increase your feeedom
> because it gives you a better version control software.

Now, if one only liked free beer, they would like BK because of this reason. 
However, if one is interested in the normal freedoms of Free Software, BK
and its use in the maintenance of the Linux kernel is a bad thing,
regardless of its price.

An earlier post asked after the technical merits of BK against Free Software
competitors.  I am unable to find such a comparison in the case of Aegis vs
BK, which I think is the closest competition.  Aegis do not have one, but
they don't seem the best at marketing.  Despite their marketing edge, BK's
site doesn't have one, which makes me suspicious.  The posts on LKML are so
full of invective and vitriol as to be useful as a realistic comparison.
Jörg has only posted references to standards which I cannot agree to the
legal agreement (and I'm not willing to break the terms).

The question stands: Does anyone have a good source on this?

> You simply like to get more than dou did get. And yu like this by reducing
> other peoples rights.

Hello, is this your real point?  I don't think this is a good place for you
to try to light these fires.  This is an old song.

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