BitKeeper licence critic

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Thu Mar 7 20:49:46 UTC 2002

The one remark I would add about this bitkeeper proprietary software, is
that it is funny (in a very wicked way) that it seems like the
/^authors?$/ wish us to feel remorse by wishing bankrupcy, or worse...
feel tempted -- and the thought has occurred in more than one mind from
what I've read already -- to DoS the web site long enough.

I do not think that making free software by becoming bankrupt or
criminally forcing a situation is desirable.

Fortunately, I do not think that this is the reality, but since I
learned what bitkeeper I felt very worried... Linus' nightmares of cvs
have turned true, but it's called bitkeeper. It almost feels like
Dune... I do not wish this to happen, but it happens anyway.

Now, as a sysadmin, if I find a bug in the kernel, all I can do is try
to make a patch to a version of the kernel that may already be too old
in developer time *sigh*.

I wonder...

Hugs, rui

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