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Thu Mar 7 16:37:47 UTC 2002

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>Joerg Schilling <schilling at> wrote:
>>>From: MJ Ray <markj at>
>>>Joerg Schilling <schilling at> wrote:
>>>> Sorry, but I cannot find anything about money:
>>>> You register and get access.
>>>OK, so click the "register..." link and then click the "Terms..." that you
>>>have agreed to.  Clause 4 contains the text I quoted.
>> I don"t understand what you mean!

>What part of it?  Read the terms and you see the text I mentioned.

>There is also a slightly dubious wording disallowing me to "otherwise re-use
>material"... does this mean if I read the standard and implement part of it
>on a Free Software operating system, I end up licence hell?

>> You fill out first name, last name and email address and after clicking on
>> the accept button, you are directed to the web page for free.

>IANAL, so I'm wary of agreeing to these "click contracts".  If you read the
>terms (the link to which appears *after* the accept button on the page), you
>are agreeing to their right to charge you a fee in the future.

... And I thought that people from UK should have no problems to understand texts
written in english :-(

	Sorry, but if you don't _like_ to understand I cannot help.

So I suspect that you reject GPL too because it does not prevent the
Author from charging for later versions. 

But please be careful with you speech: The Opengroup people help a lot with
making future Linux versions Standard compliant and do not charge for it.
Please do not exacerbate those people....

Please start understanding how the world works.

As I already stated: you will not get your bread for free!

The work that has to be done in order to get free software has either be
paid by companies or gets off the free time of polite people.
The way you seem to behave is no help for the Free software coomunity :-(


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