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Thu Mar 7 15:53:31 UTC 2002

>From: MJ Ray <markj at>

>Joerg Schilling <schilling at> wrote:
>> Sorry, but I cannot find anything about money:
>> You register and get access.

>OK, so click the "register..." link and then click the "Terms..." that you
>have agreed to.  Clause 4 contains the text I quoted.

I don"t understand what you mean!

You fill out first name, last name and email address and after clicking on
the accept button, you are directed to the web page for free.

What is your problem?

Don"t you like to send them your e-mail address?

>> If you like to know the difference, just write a program that people really are
>> interested in. Maintain it for 5+ years and we may again discuss the result on 
>> your life.

>I try to pass on maintenance after less than five years, because I become
>stale and the program drifts into being obsolete.  I know that may be a
>serious flaw in my character.  Fortunately I've avoided that at work by
>exchanging tasks often.  If you've managed to avoid those, I salute you.

So how trying to write a program that is not obsolere after 5 years?

Star for example will soon become 20 years and still is of interest and even
the most up-to-date TAR implementation (not only counting free ones). 

>>>Sorry, I was suggesting that POSIX should contain a Version Control System
>>>specification rather than just the SCCS file format.
>> If you read the standard you would know that it specifies the user interface
>> to the version control system.

>I cannot read the standard at present.  See above.

If you regret to send your e-mail, this is your problem - sorry.


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