BitKeeper licence critic // was ... license critic

MJ Ray markj at
Thu Mar 7 11:16:19 UTC 2002

Alex Hudson <home at> wrote:
> They already have gone bad - it's proprietary software. Does anyone know
> what format the BK changesets/archives/etc. are in? I imagine it's a
> format that is fairly easy to decipher, but who knows... [...]

Yes, one of the criticisms I have read is that these changesets are nothing
like the unidiffs we are all used to and there is not (currently) a
conversion tool.

> Unfortunately, I think the BK thing has been brewing for years - people
> have been pushing it for years, and it seems that much of it has been
> built in response to Linus' requests, so it's probably a very good
> technical fit for the kernel. Just not a good ethical fit :(

Yes, but I always thought Linus had some irrational hatred of version
control systems, so didn't ever consider it as a realistic threat.  Larry's
opinions of free software are known and rather condescending, but have
proprietary marketers won?  :-(

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