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Thu Mar 7 00:26:49 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 22:56, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Sorry for so many typos.

Typos are there so that we have to send mails being sorry for typos!

That's ok :)

I sent the following message to the AbiWord mailing list:



The explanation I was missing that prevented me to express correctly was
right there, layed out on the gpl faq (fortunately I was reminded of
such item):

So, is MSCVRT.DLL part of windows as dylibs are part of cocoa on mac os
x? If so, then it's okay to link with it.

As to the link grammar checker:

* Does the GPL allow me to sell copies of the program for money?
Yes, the GPL allows everyone to do this. The right to sell copies is
part of the definition of free software. ---------------------------

It's not the possibility to do so that I am worried about, but that that
restriction of 'link' makes it incompatible to link with AbiWord, or an
AbiWord plugin.

Up until recently I had no hope of making a plugin that reads aloud an
abiword document using festival. However, they are now using a free
software license compatible with the gpl.

Our goal should not be the exclusion of link, but convincing the authors
to at the very least make it so we can work with it.
Of course what would be the best target would be making it copyleft.


Hugs, rui


I hope I am not flogged to death for this.

Hugs, rui

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