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 || On Tue, 05 Mar 2002 20:20:22 GMT
 || MJ Ray <markj+0111 at> wrote: 

 >> Spammers getting smart, aka subscribe then spam?

 mr> That and they got scored down for only sending in HTML rather
 mr> than in both.  I think maybe tweaking the scores for this list
 mr> may be a good idea?  ;-)

I think the auto-whitelist is one major part of the problem,
unfortunately there is not yet a good way of maintaining it or putting
things on auto-blacklists/graylists. 

Maybe we should just turn the auto-whitelist off completely until the
SpamAssassin has better ways of dealing with it, that might help some


P.S. Be glad you don't have to see the mail that the SpamAssassin
already DOES catch. :)

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