Free Software and 3DSMAX

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Tue Mar 5 15:56:13 UTC 2002

>> Not legally possible. Their license (the GPL) is void as not applicable.
> Not true, as you note reporting the faq, you can do a special permission
> to link it with proprietary programs, so if nevrax add this permission
> to the GPL, it can be done (I'm not sure if it can be yet called GPL
> after the permission clause have been added, but the faq does not say
> the contrary).

No, it's not the GPL. It's "gpl plus exception". And, as such, it's
incompatible with the GPL. You can't import third-party GPL code
in your GPL+exception.

> Sorry, but I do not agree with you there.
> You may think that another licencing scheme is ok for you, but thinking
> GPL is not bad per se, it is only difficult to apply some times.

No, I use the GPL when I can choose. My point is just that you can't
always use the GPL as a silver bullet and ignore the details.


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