Is there any truth in ...

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Sat Mar 2 11:17:11 UTC 2002

> Well, I simply didn't know. I thought you needed a license to modify
> something (except for making it compatible to something else).
> After all you don't buy software, just a license for using, not for
> modifying it.

Please check

It's very good on these topics.

Florian Weimer:
> I think the page shows its age at this point.  In some states,
> shrink-wrap and click-through licenses are now enforceable.

Yes and no. My click-wrap license may say you'll give me your first
born.  I don't think it's enforceable.

It all depends on what those documents say. But i agree things are
getting better. BTW, I'll forward a good article about the SSSCA.


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