European Commission launches developer survey

MJ Ray markj at
Fri Mar 1 23:59:38 UTC 2002

Alessandro: [...]
> Unfrotunately, these misunderstandings have the effect of turning this
> stuff into an "official and statistically meaningful research done by
> the European Commission". And this will lead to no end of trouble.

Thanks for the additional information.  I'm still statistically horrified at
some of the problems, not least the self-selecting nature of the sample. 
OK, a good sample frame is going to be difficult to obtain, but at least
some effort should have been made!

> No, I'm not participating in the survey.

I concur.  I think we need to refrain from adding any more weight to this
flawed research.  I am very worried about where it may lead.  I also suggest
that FSFE should make a representation to their funding body, offering to
consult on the methodology of future research.

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