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Rainer Trusch rainer.trusch at students.uni-mainz.de
Tue Jun 25 19:38:00 UTC 2002

Hi Bernhard,

I decided to join the list, to bother you a bit with my comments ;-)

I read the posting in the archive, therefor I copied it into the

Bernhard wrote:

Saw a nive RMS interview, clarifying a lot of the FSF's positions:


And a journalist finally asks good questions:

OfB: What are some of the advantages of Free Software for businesses?

RMS: Free software means you control what your computer
does.  Non-free software means someone else controls that, and to
some extent controls you. Non-free software keeps users divided and
individually helpless; free software empowers the users. All these
reasons apply just as well to business users as to individuals.


I read this argument quite often and think it's pretty useless in
a broader few. The vast majority of users can't programm and is still
depending on someone else. On a business level you are more likely to
have someone being capable to give you this control or you can hire
someone. On a private level that doesn't work and you are one or
another way "controlled" by someone else.

If I tell many of the ordinary users about this they are most likely
rolling their eyes or burst into laughter. It is a very
programmercentric view with an elitest touch. I know this is not the
intention, but it is easiely misunterstood. I'm picking on that,
because we are talking about a greater idea and such an argument isn't
really approachable for the majority of users.

Another point is the separation from some of the less free
licenses. Even the beloved yast licence gives you the complete
control. The problem is the distribution issue.



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