AW: [Fsfe-france-gpl] Re: GPL and Author law

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Mon Jun 24 12:32:53 UTC 2002

> 	Page 13 says:
> "[...] it is precisely the gain in reputation that represents
> the reward for the programmer, [...]"

> People are altruistics, people do things for moral reasons.
> [...]
> 	Because of that, I think it is incorrect to assume that
> Free Software developers are motivated by gain in reputation.

But still you can't pretend that people develop FS for altruistic
reasons only.  I'm a strong supporter of the idea that there is
economic reward for the programmer that chooses to write FS.  Spreading
that idea is one of the things I give the most priority.

Before the flamewar starts, I'm not claiming that there is more
economic reward in FS than proprietary (and nobody would believe me as
I'm pretty poor by IT standards).

I claim that doing the right thing to the user doens't prevent getting
paid fairly (if I'm not it's because I steal time from my work to do
advocacy instead).

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