Copyright assignment

MJ Ray markj at
Fri Jun 14 10:37:57 UTC 2002

Georg Jakob <jack at> wrote:
> [...] This is where Anglo-american Copyright Law is stuck until today:

Slight side point, but is "Anglo-american" really the right description
anyway?  Ireland seems to have gone a similar path to DMCA and EUCD with
this law: which makes
me think they're using a similar model.

Can anyone (maybe even Irish) tell us more about copyright in Ireland?

Other than that, I'm again saddened by attacks about legal and structural
differences.  It's just different.  No-one should take the moral high ground
and talk down to another country (eg "your law is *stuck* in the ancient
past"), as I think all our systems are facing serious challenges and we must
work together to overcome them.  Nowhere is immune, as far as I can tell.

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