[Fwd: Trademark Trouble: MobiliX wins Against Obelix]

Richard Smedley richard.smedley at futurenet.co.uk
Thu Jun 13 11:32:57 UTC 2002


This is good news :-)

- Richard

Werner Heuser wrote:
> In the hearing from June 12th the court
> has rejected the arguments of
> "Lés Editions Albert René". The court says
> the words "MobiliX" and "Obelix" can
> hardly be mixed up with each other. Also the work of MobiliX
> is dedicated to another audience. This is a great
> success for the Free Software Community.
> MobiliX is a very wellknown site dedicated to
> Linux and BSD on mobile devices (like laptops, PDAs,
> cell phones and more). In November 2001 Werner Heuser, owner of
> the Open Source project MobiliX  - UniX on Mobile Computers
> (http://mobilix.org) was charged by "Lés Editions Albert René",
> which is owner of the trademark "Obelix".
> In their opinion the names Obelix and MobiliX are
> very similar. The charge aimed on a deletion of the
> trademark "MobiliX" and a compensation fee.
> The charge has been discussed in many newsgroups
> and mailing lists. It seems to be a very important case
> for the Free Software Community, because there are
> many projects, which names are also ending on "iX".
> Some other projects have even silently withdrawn
> there names, because the financial risk of loosing a trademark
> case is high.


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