MobiliX wins Against Obelix

Werner Heuser Werner.Heuser at
Thu Jun 13 10:51:57 UTC 2002

In the hearing from June 12th the court 
has rejected the arguments of
"Lés Editions Albert René". The court says 
the words "MobiliX" and "Obelix" can
hardly be mixed up with each other. Also the work of MobiliX 
is dedicated to another audience. This is a great
success for the Free Software Community.

MobiliX is a very wellknown site dedicated to
Linux and BSD on mobile devices (like laptops, PDAs,
cell phones and more). In November 2001 Werner Heuser, owner of 
the Open Source project MobiliX  - UniX on Mobile Computers 
( was charged by "Lés Editions Albert René", 
which is owner of the trademark "Obelix". 
In their opinion the names Obelix and MobiliX are
very similar. The charge aimed on a deletion of the
trademark "MobiliX" and a compensation fee.

The charge has been discussed in many newsgroups
and mailing lists. It seems to be a very important case
for the Free Software Community, because there are
many projects, which names are also ending on "iX".
Some other projects have even silently withdrawn 
there names, because the financial risk of loosing a trademark
case is high.

The documentation of the case is available online
It includes the letters from MobiliX lawerys 
Jaschinski Biere Brexl - JBB (

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