Word (was: Advocating FDL University-courses)

Michael Kallas michael.kallas at web.de
Thu Jul 18 19:28:04 UTC 2002


On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 11:45:06AM +0200, xdrudis at tinet.org wrote:
> I've had trouble editing a MS Word file in one of those (plus MS OFfice)
> and then looking at it in some other. That's because 
> a) Word files are not intended to move from one computer to another, 
> let alone, one program to another.
> b) the format is not a standard, it's a moving target.
Well, that's all only too true.
But would it be possible to create a MS Word Add-In that
a) Converts the content into some specified format and
b) Qualifies as Free Software?
Such a solution would reduce the "extra work" to create really free
documents that was mentioned earlier in the discussion.

Freedom is what you make of it.

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