Advocating FDL University-courses

John Tapsell tapselj0 at
Thu Jul 18 16:42:05 UTC 2002


The MS Office file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Office Binder and
Office Drawing) were all made freely available from the MS msdn website in
1998. Since then they have been removed, but MS made cd's available of their
website to developers that registered to receive them. These cd's are
commonly available. The particular cd that the specifications were made
available on is the July 1998 edition. CD Number 2 of the three part set.
The specs that were made available were the office 97 spefications. Not the
previous versions. The specs are quite hard to read, and often incomplete.
Some fields are wrong, and some information is not fully correct, but theres
nothing better available.


Sounds like you are both right ;~)

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