FDL University-courses II

Marc SCHAEFER schaefer at alphanet.ch
Thu Jul 18 10:04:59 UTC 2002


I haven't followed the discussion, and so I am sorry if what I say is
off-topic, but for example a local technical school has published its
completely (or mostly complete) Linux course under a free license (FDL)




(in French, Debian GNU/Linux-oriented)

The work totalizes 150 hours of lessons, and was sponsored by the local
school (ESNIG, part of the HES/SO, but that probably doesn't tell you much
:)  HES/SO delivers technical engineering degrees below university levels.
The Swiss system is quite complicated and has been made worse recently
:->). It has been given two years already, with 28 attendees in total,
from very different backgrounds. It is planned (if we get enough people
attending) that the experience will be continued next year, enhancing the
course, and creating a `niveau 2' course. 

A LaTeX class was created in order to make the development easier, and
teachers have used CVS to update their documents.

This is my practical contribution to the debate :)

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