European administrations should share software resources

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Jul 11 00:55:32 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 16:48, Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:
> According to the GPL FAQ, size doesn't matter, although it is advised:
>  * What if the work is not much longer than the license itself?
>    If a single program is that short, you may as well use a simple
>    all-permissive license for it, rather than the GNU GPL.
> However, what does it matter if the code is that small but it is the
> essence of the idea? Can significant only mean LOC ? I don't believe so.

copyright does not "protect" ideas, only specific implementations.

> The around 340 lines of the GPL could represent quite some important
> math theorems (and respective proofs). Are they less significant than a
> a gigabyte of 1+1.... ?

that does not matter, as a 340 lines code can be easily analyzed and
recoded in other form, so in that case putting it in Public Domain
(where that is possible) or using the GPL would not make much


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