Unpublished GPL Software

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at gmx.de
Wed Jul 10 23:15:46 UTC 2002

Rodger Etz-Brown wrote:

> The issue now is that neither company A nor B have published the software. But
> there is interest from outside those companies to see and use the
> software.

All parties that have received the code (in binary or in source) have 
the freedom to distribute. Gratis or for a fee of any amount.

Sounds good.

But it also means that they have the freedom to not distribute. The only 
thing is that when company B decides to publish company A cant do 
anything against it.

But noone can force either party to publish for free. You can ask, but 
must accept if that is denied.

Personally I think that is not what the spirit of the free software is 
about, but that's my personla opinion.

Jan Wildeboer

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