Unpublished GPL Software

Rodger Etz-Brown reb at b4mad.net
Wed Jul 10 21:24:43 UTC 2002

Thanks to Joo and the previous poster. I think the following will
clarify the question if the s/w is under the GPL or not. IMHO it is,
beause from a technical point of view it has got everything it needs.
The only thing is that it has not been oublished in a way that it
appears on a website for download for example.

More below ....

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 09:45:42PM +0100, João Miguel Neves wrote:
> My opinion:
> 	You'll probably won't be able to get that software without the
> authorization of either A and B. The employees have not been distributed
> the software under the GPL, the software and the licenses they are using
> are from their companies.

The software has got everything that it should have regarding the GPL,
i.e license disclaimer in each file, extra file called LICENSE with the
GPL, etc.

> 	You are allowed to publish previously unpublished GPL works as long as
> you have received them under the GPL. Nobody can be forced to publish or
> distribute a GPL work.

That was exactly my thought. But on the other hand, by using the
software somewhere else as well, would that mean the software has been
published? When is a software published?

> 	I hope I helped,

Well, if I would have made myself a bit clearer, yes. Thanks


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