Is freedom useless to "the majority of users".

MJ Ray markj at
Thu Jul 4 11:42:21 UTC 2002

Rainer Trusch <rainer.trusch at> wrote:
> These are two versions with an essential difference. I used the
> software freedom example, because it is quite often used as equal to
> freedom. [...]

Who by?  Free Software is a particular codification of freedom which people
on this list believe to be the most useful application of a freedom doctrine
to software.  I don't think anyone has claimed otherwise, have they?

The reasons for this decision are in mail archives around the place, in many
forms.  Generally, when this term "Free Software" is introduced, the
definition and reasoning are introduced too, although that doesn't always
make it through onto paper.

> I don't want to stress that to much, but if the term freedom is so
> excessivly used and a basic idea, there should be some reflections on
> it, which I hardly ever saw.

If you are interested in the meanings of freedom in digital technology,
there are other places which may be better for you to debate this.  In the
UK, I know of the Campaign for Digital Rights and  Maybe a similar
group exists near you.  This group (FSFE Discussion list) may sympathise
with that sort of group, but has shown its disinterest in debating Yet
Another Definition of Freedom before.  I suggest that this isn't the best
place to do that.


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