RMS interview

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jul 3 10:25:25 UTC 2002

Rainer Trusch <rainer.trusch at students.uni-mainz.de> wrote:
> The argument about everybody can learn to programm ist nice in theory,
> but the reality is different. Writing macros or helpful scripts is a
> skill a lot more people can aquire, but this can be done with
> proprietary software as well and we are looking for arguments, why
> free software is better. [...]

Imagine that your macro or script can change anything instead of just the
limited unchangeable subset that the proprietary software permits.  Isn't
that better?

> The examples you gave aren't that good.  [...]

Hey, what did you expect?  The emails you give aren't that clear.

> Learning a programming language is an intelectual process, which makes a
> big difference.  [...]

I'm not convinced.  Using a programming language is about communicating your
ideas to a machine, which is just communication, like a human language. 
What is difficult and an intellectual process is structuring your ideas into
a form to get the desired result.

> By the way, you don't have to convince me about it.

Is your mind already decided then?  It seems rather like it.  Your emails
seem to be long on opinions and short on questions.


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