information about the GNU logo wanted

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Tue Jul 2 13:28:51 UTC 2002

Rudy Gevaert <rudy at> writes:

    But the background information is *poor* about the GNU logo.  The GNU
    site doesn't give me any information (or else it is hidden away).
    Doesn't someone here have any information about the logo?  Who drew it?
    Are there practical issues about it, etc.

The logo was likely drawn by Etienne Suvasa. Etienne did several
illustrations and artwork for the FSF around 1990. But the exact
details of it seems to be lost to history. You might be able to write
to Lisa Goldstein <opus at> who was one of the members of the FSF
office in Boston around that time. She might know more.

Also, if you do find more information, please let webmasters at
know so they can put that information on the web pages.

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