information about the GNU logo wanted

Rudy Gevaert rudy at
Tue Jul 2 13:13:39 UTC 2002


I am busy (co)writting a course intented for teachers who want to try
Linux.  I am trying to do the job right so I kick off in the first
chapter saying it's GNU/Linux and I emphase the importance of the GNU
project and its beliefs.

In the first chapter I give some background information about Tux the
Linux penguin and the GNU logo.

But the background information is *poor* about the GNU logo.  The GNU
site doesn't give me any information (or else it is hidden away).

Doesn't someone here have any information about the logo?  Who drew it?
Are there practical issues about it, etc.

I could always mail to RMS himself but I think he has other things to do
than that ;).

Thanks in advance,

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