GPL lawsuit in Germany

Anne Possoz anne.possoz at
Fri Jan 25 00:35:30 UTC 2002

Joerg Schilling wrote, on January 25, 2002:
> >From joao at Thu Jan 24 23:32:34 2002
> >Please give a copy of Eben Moglen's "Enforcing the GPL" articles to your
> >lawyer ( Eben Moglen will, probably,
> >be very interested in the case. Contact him (FSF can help there) and try
> >to get him and your lawyer in touch.
> Let me check this later, it is too late now......

You should email him: Eben Moglen <moglen at>
He also teachs in Europe (Holland) and I am sure he would be very
concern about that. He is the father of the GPL and a lawyer.

At least this is what I think after meeting him last summer in
Bordeaux "Libre software meeting".

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