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Hi Phil,

El mié, 16-01-2002 a las 16:44, phil hunt escribió:

> > 	Today in Spain we have been suprised by some bad news in the media. It
> > has been revealed that Traxdata Spain has been forced to pay royalties
> > for each data CD-R manufactured since 1997 to Author's Society known as
> > SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores de España). The royalty free is about
> > 0,18 euros per burnable hour, so each CD-R will cost between 0,22 and
> > 0,24 euros more (in fact it will be between 1/2 and 1/4 of the media
> > price).
> Maybe we can turn this round.
> The purpose of such laws (at least in principle) is that when someone copies
> information onto a CD, the creator of the information gets paid. Well, authors
> of free software are creators of information, aren't they? So shouldn't they
> get a share of the revenue that SGAE receives? If it is too difficult to
> pay each author individually, how about a big payment to FSF and Debian?

	Yes, it is a clever idea and we have talked about it a bit. Anyway,
we're going against the royalties first, if the are set up definitely,
will  fight for our money 8)

	The big problem is who is the author os a free software, and how he can
ask for his money.


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