Fwd: Linux Documentation Author Werner Heuser threatened with 6 months imprisonment or 250.000.- EURO penalty for supposed tradmark infringment

Ingo Juergensmann ij at spice.cologne.de
Wed Jan 9 21:49:31 UTC 2002

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 10:20:28PM +0100, Florian Weimer wrote:
> The problam is that "Obelix" is probably a well-known trademar and not
> easily refuted -- and it can clearly be shown in court that "MobiliX"
> and "Obelix" sound confusingly similar.  Looks like a lost case, IMHO.

I would even more expect similarity with Mobil Oil and less with Obelix.
Actually, MobiliX differs in some points from Obelix. First, it starts with
another capital, M instead of O, then in the middle it uses an e instead of
an i and last but not least, it ends in a total different manner then
Obelix, thus giving it enough difference for all people that can actually
use their brains to other tasks than avoiding been flooded by rain...

For me, this is an artificial constructed case. FvG found just another
possibility to profile himself into media and earn money. And he (ab)uses
the given leaks in laws to increase his salarys.

FvG has constructed many and many cases for years now. Do you remember

I wonder how one can stop FvG? I mean: when a doctor is doing something
wrong you can sue him and let his work permission get revoked... I'm sure
there exists a way for black sheep lawyers as well. The only problem is to
prove that he is a black sheep. *sigh* although this should be clear for
every openminded person... 

And for the case, FvG is reading this: this is just only the expression of
feelings I have and may differ from any truth and reality and may be I would
think different when I know what he does know... may be, may be not... who
knows? ;)  

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