severe charge with trademark issues by "Asterix and Obelix"

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 jp> What about all free projects with names, which are similar to
 jp> names from commercial names? I think it is more possible to get
 jp> into trouble with people like Gravenreuth every day those poeple
 jp> could do their work.  

Yes, it is obvious that the Free Software movement has not paid enough
attention to this.

 jp> Are there people, where you can go, if you have some problem with
 jp> that, maybe the fsf?

The FSF Europe already tries to do what it can. In fact we got in
contact with Werner Heuser of MobiliX immediately when we heard about
this and it is not really circumstantial that Till Jaeger (the lawyer
of Werner Heuser) is also the lawyer of the FSF Europe. If you read
the Heise article, you will even find that we are being mentioned

In the earlier case that created a lot of fuzz, the case of
Killustrator, we also had Till Jaeger investigate the matter. He was
ready to defend the Killustrator project - and would most likely have
won. Unfortunately the author of Killustrator and the University he
published it from preferred to settle the matter by changing the name.


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