severe charge with trademark issues by "Asterix and Obelix"

Thorsten Körner thorstenkoerner at
Wed Jan 9 17:42:17 UTC 2002

Am Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2002 13:25 schrieb Werner Heuser:
> Dear List Member,
> Werner Heuser author of Linux on the Road ( A Guide for Laptops and
> PDAs) has been charged with trademark issues by the owner of the
> trademarks for Asterix and Obelix "Les Editions Albert Rene" (Paris).
> The name of his website is supposed to be
> mistaken for Obelix.
> The trademark Obelix was registered by the German lawyer
> Guenter Freiherr v. Gravenreuth. The legal charge is up
> to 250.000 USD or six months prison. The costs of the first instance
> are app. 15.000 USD. Werner Heuser has decided not to withdraw
> the name "MobiliX". He is supported by the German lawyers
> Jaschinski, Biere und Brexl - JBB (

Hi List
There is also an issue like this running against SuSE by this "Freiherr". 
You can read about at 
This "Lawyer" tells that SuSE is hurting the Rights of by 
setting a Link to the Program Krayon in the KOfiice-Menu of their 
Distribution. I've tried to reach the Company under their 
Telephone-Number: (+49) 431 / 24 12 47 . But without any Success.

I think it is highly recommended to stop this "Lawyer" at his Methode of 
"making millions, while doing nothing".
He seems to be Online 'round the clock' on the Heise-Forum, so I think he has 
nothing else to do.

It is time to so something, to change laws in a way, that this kind of people 
cannot have success as a "Wegelagerer" (sorry don't know the english word).
It is time to start a campaign.

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