severe charge with trademark issues by "Asterix and Obelix"

João Miguel Neves joao at
Wed Jan 9 16:49:09 UTC 2002

On Qua, 2002-01-09 at 12:25, Werner Heuser wrote:
> Werner Heuser author of Linux on the Road ( A Guide for Laptops and 
> PDAs) has been charged with trademark issues by the owner of the 
> trademarks for Asterix and Obelix "Les Editions Albert Rene" (Paris). 
> The name of his website is supposed to be 
> mistaken for Obelix.
There's something I don't understand here. When you register a trademark
you're supposed to define classes of products and/or services for your
trademark. The classification used in Europe is in

Do you know what class(es) they have registered ? 

One protective measure you could take would be to register "MobiliX" as
a trademark in class 41 or 42 (those seem to me to be the better ones).
If your name was a trademark it would mean that the trademark office has
found that there are no conflicts with existing trademarks, so it could
also help a court case.

Obviously this should be discussed with your lawyer (IANAL).

	Good luck,

						Joao Miguel Neves
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