Bitkeeper in Linuxdevelopment :(

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Feb 7 10:17:05 UTC 2002

Honestly I do not understand why Linus can't use a
"Linus-write-only-others-read-only CVS Repository", he will be able to
manage the tree as he wish and others will have the great benefit of
beeing able to checkout at any time the tree with Linus patches without
waiting him to throw out a new tgz!

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 22:32, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > It somehow worries me, that non-free software now is at the core
> > of the prominent Free Software kernel linux.
> This is a problem, but it's true that CVS is somewhat unsuitable for
> large projects. I recall some talking about Linus possibly using
> bitkeeper some three years ago (I think), so this isn't really
> asonishing news.
> Fortuantely, other smart people is working in revision management
> systems, and the stuff looks promising.  While Linus often tends to
> value practical benefits more than being a saint, I don't expect him
> to become dependent on bitkeeper.  Even if he chooses to continue with
> bitkeeper after testing it, as soon as other systems offer the same
> level of functionalities and are Free Software I expect him to switch.
> Meanwhile, looking at those systems may be interesting.
> Tom Lord recently announced arch (see , which
> points to tarballs in -- don't have the direct
> pointer now).  He posted an interesting description of the system
> to fsb at -- look for <200201160939.BAA27937 at morrowfield.home>
> dated Jan 16.
> There are now some arch-specific mailing lists (subscription addresses
> in brackets):
>         arch-users[-request]
>         bug-arch[-request]
>         arch-announce[-request]
> Today, Jonathan Shapiro talked about the tool of his group, currently
> called CPCMS. His comments in <003a01c1af27$0c1172e0$848e10ac at vmware> ,
> posted on Feb 6.  His draft paper is at
> (or .pdf).
> Jonathan also comments (very briefly) on bitkeeper and subversions.
> Archives of fsb are at
> /alessandro, who hasn't yet looked at either one
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