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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Thu Feb 7 12:05:38 UTC 2002

>From jonas at Thu Feb  7 10:46:13 2002

>Joerg Schilling <schilling at> writes:

>    A simple result of the fact that FSF stopped working on SCCS.
>I don't think the FSF ever worked on SCCS. James Youngman has
>implemented CSSC though, which aims to be compatbiel with SCCS. I
>don't know what status it has and the only real use I think is to
>retrieve SCCS-code from the respository and put it into some better
>revision control system.

The important thing _is_ that there was an official statement from FSF
that there will soon be CSSC. _This_ stopped other people from developing
working free SCCS alternatives. The result is that there is only CVS
which cannot be called free.


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