Bitkeeper in Linuxdevelopment :(

Joerg Schilling schilling at
Thu Feb 7 09:27:53 UTC 2002

>From discussion-admin at Wed Feb  6 17:27:20 2002

>=46rom today:

>|  Linus, meanwhile, is moving on with 2.5.4-pre1. This is the first
>| patch that Linus has produced with Bitkeeper,

>It somehow worries me, that non-free software now is at the core
>of the prominent Free Software kernel linux.

>The Free Software community has to be alert.
>Its vision, the ability  to do any task needed=20
>completly with Free Software has to be worked for.

A simple result of the fact that FSF stopped working on SCCS.

If you like to see free software to be used, you need to support it...

SCCS is the official standard for revision control.


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