FYI: AGNULA Version 0.9 Beta available

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon Dec 23 17:43:44 UTC 2002



                  AGNULA: A GNU/Linux Audio distribution
		          Beta 0.9 distribution
			      available now.


The  AGNULA  project, supported by the European Commission  under  the  Key
Action  IV.3.3  (Free Software towards the Critical Mass) has 
completed the second milestone of its roadmap: the realization of the
first beta releases 0.9, DeMuDi (Debian based) and ReHMuDi (Red Hat based). 
These distributions are completely based on Free Software and dedicated
to audio and multimedia. 
You may download and install them directely from the project website
( Other  announcements  will  be  posted on relevant
mailing lists.


Centro Tempo Reale, via Pisana 77 Firenze ITALY
email: info at

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