The Journey (Resan)

MJ Ray markj at
Thu Dec 19 10:24:31 UTC 2002

Klaus Knopper <knopper at> wrote:
> Remember: Most people have no interest in "philosophy" and don't
> even care about licenses or legality, for that matter.

I think most people are ignorant about the philosophy and legality, but I
have not found that most have "no interest" in it.  They are just waiting to
be awakened.  A Knoppix-style CD that was had an aim of giving this wake-up
call would be a useful tool.

> Knoppix contains some "non-free" programs like the Gimp "non-free"
> plugins, acroread and the Java RE, simply because they fulfil
> functionality that is not yet present, or not "allowed" in
> Free software components.

I think the GIMP non-free is only GIF writing support, which is obsolete for
a long time now.  We have xpdf and gv that does most of acroread's job and
JREs like sablevm and orp, which I *think* are under free licences.  (Check
before use!)

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