That anti-patent pamphlet I mentioned

Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope at
Tue Dec 17 23:25:18 UTC 2002

On 16 Dec 2002 at 19:30, Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:

> I think you are being extremely unfair here. You make a value
> judgment about today's society regarding software patents.
> I respect that, but I make a different judgment. I can only
> tell you how I view the world and whether I am happy with
> the world.
> Now you make it sound as if I am a completely selfish
> arrogant bastard who is incapable of caring about anyone
> but himself. I don't think I deserve that. I have different
> opinions than you, but that does not make me an evil person.

In fairness, I think Marcus was being "robust" in his reply, not 
offensive. He did not actually say your view would be the death knell 
for all society.

I do feel however he was not being constructive in his argument. The 
whole point of argument is primarily to state opinion yes, but it is 
also about /changing/ of opinion. That can occur on your own end or 
of that of others. This list *is* called "discussion at" 
and therefore I would imagine would involve discussion of opinions 
via argument. If I'm wrong here, please tell me and I'll unsub!

> So, I am not going to continue our discussion here because
> I feel it is pointless. We are incapable of appreciating
> each other's arguments, and I do not like participating in
> a debate where it is fair game to insult your opponent.

Well I personally was gaining from your discussion, so I hope you 
reply to my replies. I very much value your input as a professional 
lawyer as I believe no one else on this list has such qualification. 
I personally hope you reconsider and continue to provide your views 
on this list. If not, then thank you for the time you have already 

Yours respectfully,

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