Mandrake and the commercial license

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Tue Dec 17 13:54:56 UTC 2002

> Can Mandrake really do this?

Sure. And I even tend to appeciate it.

> they say that owners of the commercial license are not bound by the 
> GNU/GPL anymore. They can change the sources and are not forced to make 
> the sources available.

This only applies to the code they wrote themselves:

     Q. Most components in your Software are covered by a Free Software
     license. How can you create a dual-license?

     Only the components created by MandrakeSoft are under dual-license.
     All other components retain their own license and terms.

Quello che scrivo rappresenta solo il mio personale punto di vista,
non rispecchia l'opinione di organizzazioni di cui faccio o ho fatto parte.

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