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Hi, it might be interesting to support


And to have a look to their license for articles


I included the license at the end of this email, note
that they have an email <license at>
for comments about the license.

Laurent Guerby <guerby at>

Please direct comments to license at

This document is in the Public Domain, and may be reproduced and 
redistributed for any purpose.


The purpose of this Public Library of Science Open Access License 
(referred to here as "the License") is to encourage, and to facilitate, 
the free and unfettered distribution of scientific and medical research 
around the globe. Permanent, archival records of that research should 
belong to the public, and should be freely available to all. To that 
end, the License is meant to ensure that the information contained in 
any work to which the License applies will be effectively placed into, 
and will remain in, the public domain.

Works to which the License applies may be reproduced, distributed, and 
used for any purpose without restriction, subject only to the condition 
that any reproduction or redistribution of copies of the work must 
itself be subject to this License. [See "Terms and Conditions," below]


At a minimum, any author(s) wishing to distribute their work(s) under 
the terms of this License must include the following notice ("the 
Notice") in all copies of the work under their control:

Copyright [Insert Year] [Insert Name/Contact Information of Author(s) or 
Designated Copyright Holder]. This work, originally published as 
"[Insert citation]," is distributed under the terms of the Public 
Library of Science Open Access License version 1.0b, a copy of which [is 
attached] [can be found at].

In addition, authors are encouraged to supply archival information 
(e.g., "This work is permanently archived at [insert URL]") within this 
notice as well. For example:

Copyright 2002, John Q. Public. This work, originally published as 
"Public JQ, A solution to the problem of global warming, Public Library 
of Science Biology 1(1):1-10" is distributed under the terms of the 
Public Library of Science Open Access License version 1.0b, a copy of 
which can be found at This work 
is archived at PubMed Central (


This License applies to any work ("the Work") to which a notice is 
affixed stating that it is released under the terms of the Public 
Library of Science Open Access License ("the Notice").

Permission is hereby irrevocably granted to any third party to 
reproduce, distribute, transmit, or otherwise make the Work available in 
any medium, provided that all copies of the Work, or any significant 
portion thereof:

     * (a) include the Notice or its substantial equivalent;
     * (b) are themselves distributed under this License; and
* (c) clearly indicate any substantive changes to the Work.

The aggregation of the Work with other works which are not based on the 
Work - such as but not limited to inclusion in a publication, database, 
broadcast, compilation, or other media - does not bring the other works 
in the scope of the License, nor does such aggregation void the terms of 
the License for the Work.

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