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Marcus Rejås marcus at
Mon Dec 16 20:20:16 UTC 2002

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 01:44:16PM -0500, Will Martin wrote:
> We at the OpenCD did include some literature about open source/free 
> software -- "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" for one, and "Free as in 
> Freedom", along with several other essays.  What you're proposing 
> sounds rather more ambitious; sort of a biography-of-a-program, its 
> beginnings, growth, and continuing development.  I think it sounds 
> interesting.

I know that you have literature on the OpenCD. But it is a bunch of
programs and some literature on the side. What I'm thinking about is to
make the documentation more central and use the programs to sort of
illustrate the documentation. I think the collection of software you
have is good. I'm not proposing a biography of a program but a biography
of the free software movement made easy and a bunch of good free
programs to illustrate it.

> Well, speaking for the OpenCD, I think we could probably find space for 
> such a thing, provided it wasn't too big, and fits in okay.  And yes, 
> we would want it in English. :-)  Incidentally, we'd love to have a 
> Swedish translation of the OpenCD -- we are working on the second 
> edition right now, and it will have a new installer that's easier to 
> localize.  Could we get in touch with you in a couple of months once 
> it's getting closer to the planned release date in March?

I do know you want it in English if you wanted it. But we will start in
Swedish and hopefully hava an English version very soon after the
Swedish one. The reason i posted in fsfeurope and to you and the
Knoppix-poeple was that we suspected that you maybe had some thoughts in
this derection or atleast have a good way to distribute it. Of course
I'm also interested in if anybody else are doing the same thing. Then we
could just translate it to swedish.

> Well, Eric S. Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" is pretty close 
> to what you are proposing; it discusses the evolution of fetchmail.  

I'm familiar with Eric S. Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". But
as I said above what I'm aiming for is the story of the free software
movement as a hole illustrated with programs bundled with the story.

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