Brasilian state aproves "opensource" law

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Fri Dec 6 22:53:55 UTC 2002

> I _really_ hope Article 1 was changed, for it seems to forbid most free
> software, along with all proprietary software:

Can you say why, please?

> An open program is that which has a an intellectual or ind= ustrial
> property license that does not restrict in any form copying,
> distributing, usage or altering its original characteristics,

This is good.

> assuring the user unrestricted, and without extra costs, access to
> its source code, permitting partial or total modification of the
> program for its perfection or adaptation.

This is good too. The "no extra cost" for source is fine. A commercial
distribution must include sources. If source it's at extra cost than
it's not free, right?

[Yes, I know source can come later, at "no more than your cost of
physically performing source distribution" but this is a detail, isn't

/alessandro, happy that art. 2 defines "source" like the GPL does.

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